Dorothy Baker talking about prayer

Below are notes taken by Gene Pritchard from Dorothy Baker’s talks at Rice Lake, 1941. Taken from “Copper to Gold” page 252.

Dorothy Baker

Pray until you feel the inner contact about anything, then watch. God will open the door. We should obtain God’s first choice. Have magnetic spiritual passion. Talk, listen to the inner silences. Hear the voice of God. Yearning opens the recesses of the heart. Have the ardour and conviction…..

Remember the gift of intercession, as it is one of the creative forces of God. Those who have ascended have different attributes but there is no real separation. The realm of bounty is not fully understood. The force behind our progress is the degree of detachment, the consecrated life, and depth of conviction to God. Servitude is the essence of motion.

Pray aloud, so your body will be surrounded by prayer. It helps concentration. There is always divine companionship in every loneliness. A soul is never alone. We should always be God-conscious. “I am far from Thee, but Thou are near unto me.” God is nearer to you than your hands and feet, nearer than breathing.  Joy is the water of life, the cause of vivification ….Joy appears first in the life that is inspired then it affects the life of others….Every home where there is a prayer is the garden of God.

You can lose contact after your commitment through your own veils and clouds if you do not pray every day. If there are clouds around use the Tablet of Ahmed, as it never fails. If there was a great wall Martha Root used the Tablet of Ahmad 9 times a day. “Seek, O servant of God, this light until you remain in limitless joy.” Seek the eternal conditions.

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